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What is ScrumInc. version of Scrum?

Scrum by ScrumInc.

Scrum by ScrumInc. is the version of Scrum from Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum. It was launched officially in August 2019 by ScrumInc. after a few years of piloting in Japan upon the request of KDDI, one of the biggest Japanese telecom companies.

Jeff Sutherland, Oct 2019

For over 15 years, Jeff Sutherland and his team at ScrumInc. have been delivering Scrum trainings all over the world in partnership with the Scrum Alliance (the oldest Scrum organization that exist). The certificates obtained after examination under those trainings were recognized and endorsed by the Scrum Alliance as official Scrum Alliance certificates such as the well known Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

With the Scrum Inc. program, trainers are now delivering ScrumInc. certifications. An important source of motivation for Jeff Sutherland to develop and extend the Scrum program to the world is to ensure that Scrum is not associated with failure or management fad while companies across the globe go Agile and scale Scrum in their organizations. Bad Scrum at teams’ level will always equal to organizational disasters at scale….

That’s it for the why…but what is actually present in a ScrumInc. course?

Contents of ScrumInc. Scrum Master and Product Owner trainings

The first important point to note is that all Scrum basics presented in the Scrum guide are covered and respected in this course. Of course, Scrum is still Scrum! However, the course place a particular emphasis on the following points:

  • Results. We are looking to double the productivity in twice the time here. This means presenting and employing the necessary tools, techniques and practices to reach that goal.
  • Domain versatility. Scrum is a framework which can be applied to any domain. The course is ripe of business cases and examples of non software companies or departments which have adopted Scrum to their benefits. Scrum originated in software but can and works everywhere!
  • Scrum origins. The course go back to the origins of Scrum and how the life and work experiences of Jeff Sutherland have shaped Scrum as we know it today.
  • Data driven. The course is based on solid data and facts which shows why Scrum and associated techniques and practices are so efficient.
  • Patterns. In order to support the results driven approach, the course present over a dozen of patterns to drive up productivity.
  • Lean. Combining Agile and Lean will provide you better results and key lean areas are covered.
  • Scaling Scrum. As scaling is now an important component of Agility in mid to large companies, Scrum@scale components and principles are exposed

Naturally, group and hands on exercices to illustrate how Scrum and Scrum teams work together are part of the overall learning experience.

Additionally, the program ensure a life long learning experience as the trainers are encouraged to keep up with their attendees though regular communication via different mediums (emails, webinars…).

ScrumInc. Scrum trainings and certifications

The ScrumInc. courses are currently proposed into 3 forms:

  • ScrumInc. Scrum Master (SSM) – 2 days duration
  • ScrumInc. Scrum Product Owner (SSPO) – 2 days duration
  • A combined SSM and SSPO course – 3 days duration

Registration to a ScrumInc. Scrum course entitle the trainee to a workbook to use during and after the training, a soft copy of the workbook, a ScrumInc. Scrum exam available in various languages, the relevant certificate if the exam is passed and depending on the class, a copy of JJ Sutherland latest book: “The Scrum fieldbook”.

Classes are live classes which mean an on site class or attending it through webinars.

agile scrum inc master badge logo png LSM training certification official value insights
agile scrum inc product owner badge logo png LSM training certification official value insights

Conclusion: Certified, Professional or ScrumInc. Scrum Master?

The ScrumInc. Scrum program is quite new in the market but as highlighted in our recent Scrum Master certificates article comparison here, the organization behind it is large and experienced. Scruminc. has been operating since 2003, has trained thousands over thousands of people and coached a high number of large organizations in adopting Scrum or Scrum@scale. As the ScrumInc. program is driven and backed up by Jeff Sutherland, there is no doubt that it will become (if not done already) a well established Scrum certificate in the market.

If we have picked your interest with this article, do not hesitate to contact us! We actually provide trainings and coaching in the areas of Agile and modern IT Service Management in and around Switzerland – we would be happy to talk to you!

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