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How to get the ITIL 4 Foundation Digital Badge

How to get your well deserved ITIL 4 Foundation digital badge

Because it is not that intuitive as one might think…

Before you can hope to acquire the badge, you need to fulfill two prerequisites:

  • Signing up for the marketing communication during the exam registration process
  • Passing the ITIL 4 Foundation exam (you might have guessed this one 🙂 ) is an official partner of AXELOS for conducting exams. They provide a range of IT Service Management, project management, risk management (and more) certifications online and on paper if needed.

Register for your ITIL 4 exam

So, the very first step would be to register your exam need with PeopleCert and make sure to sign up for their marketing and partner communication by selecting the appropriate checkbox during the registration process (this is crucial!).

Registration can be done individually as well, but in most cases it is directly triggered by the training provider. In case you are interested, check out our offer here.

Our training prices include the examination with us, since we are officially accredited PeopleCert exam proctors. Furthermore, we take care of all administrative details.

Passing your exam

Step number 2 would be passing the exam. Sounds logical, right? The exam itself is taking one hour (but non-native English speakers can apply for 15 extra minutes of dictionary time). You get 40 questions and need at least 26 correct answers to pass, which is 65%. Still sounds doable…

However, it is important to note that attending the course might not be enough to pass it, especially for attendees completely new to the ITIL framework and the IT Service Management universe.

If you wish to understand more about the exam and get some advice on how to pass it, please have a look at our detailed article.

And now the badge-acquiring fun starts

After passing the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, you will receive a confirmation screen of your results. So far so good. You can print that or save it as a PDF, but this is NOT your certificate.

Your results will now be confirmed by PeopleCert, and after some time you will receive an e-mail with a link to your certificate in PDF format. Alternatively, you can also log in to the PeopleCert portal and check it yourself.

itil 4 foundation certificate badge png blog

Once you have the certificate, you will receive an e-mail from AXELOS congratulating your on your achievement and asking you to create an account on their site and to sign up for a 1-year MyAXELOS subscription, coming with different advantages.

  1. The first year is free as you have passed the ITIL 4 Foundation exam (there will be a promo code you can use during the checkout)
  2. You get access to tons of useful resources like document templates, case studies, white papers and a huge community
  3. Last but not least, the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) platform, allowing you to keep track of your activities and providing the foundation for your badge

Once the registration and checkout process is complete, you will receive an e-mail that your digital badge has been issues by a company called Acclaim. However, you should not panic if this does not happen immediately. It can take a couple of days, as the mills of bureaucracy grind slowly sometimes 🙂

Finally claiming your precious digital ITIL 4 Foundation Badge

“My Precious…” as Gollum would have said, only with a slight difference…Our badge will not be thrown into the fires of Mount Doom by some Hobbits. Instead, we proudly display our achievement on LinkedIn or other social media.

Before that, you will receive the e-mail from acclaim asking you to register on the Your Acclaim portal. Once done, you can accept the badge and share it (or download it as a PDF, which looks good in a CV 🙂 ). The portal is quite intuitive, so will not go into any detail here.

ITIL 4 foundation Acclaim page badge png logo

One side note though:

The certificate is valid forever, but might lose its relevancy if a new version of ITIL is released (which is currently happening with ITIL v3)

However, the badge expires after one year if you discontinue your MyAXELOS subscription and if you don’t log enough CPDs on their site.


We hope that this guide will prove helpful to as many as possible, but if you have further questions, please feel free to let us know!

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About The Author

Hi Reader, my name is Alex and I am an officially accredited ITIL 4 Trainer for all available modules. I am very enthusiastic about this release and the changes it brings to the world of modern Service Management. I am a passionate trainer, landscape photographer, drone pilot and nature lover.


  1. Lucy
    14.10.2020 at 00:58 · Reply

    I would like to write ITIL EXAM HOW much

    • Alexander Schmidt
      14.10.2020 at 07:08 · Reply

      Hi Lucy

      The ITIL 4 Foundation exam can be taken online for a price of approx. 300 USD.
      Please note that the exam is supervised by an online proctor who will listen to you on your microphone and who needs to see you on webcam.
      This is to ensure that no cheating is possible 🙂

      Please let me know in case you are interested, so I can order the exam for you.
      The price is standard globally, and can be paid via PayPal.

      Thanks and best Regards,

  2. Amit
    15.10.2020 at 12:08 · Reply

    I did not know that during registration I had to “sign up for their marketing and partner communication by selecting the appropriate checkbox during the registration process”
    What can I do now? I took my exam and cleared it also see my pass grade in my peoplecert profile but no badge or 1 year free subscription emails.

    • Alexander Schmidt
      15.10.2020 at 12:30 · Reply

      Hi Amit

      First, you could have a look at the AXELOS Successful Candidate Register and see if you can find yourself there entering your candidate ID, which you can find on your certificate.
      Once you are in there, I would suggest to create yourself an account on the AXELOS page and then reach their support to ask them to trigger your email with the promotion code.
      Then, you would buy a 1-year MyITIL subscription, but with that code it would be free.

      Hope this helps.


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